My name is Sarah Yannetta. I am a recently graduated advertising and marketing student from Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario. I’ve since moved home to Cobourg and taken up fishkeeping as a hobby.

I gained an interest in fishkeeping when I was 13 and took care of a friends fish while her family went on vacation. I kept small fish until an uninformed pet store employee sold a Columbian Shark to an unsuspecting and uneducated me! From here I started researching the fish I had, got Eduardo (the shark) a bigger home, and lived a happy few years with him.

Unfortunately, Eduardo passed away while I was away at school. Now that I’m home again I’ve started keeping fish again! Yay!

I currently have two freshwater aquariums: a 10g and a 55g. My tanks house an assortment of small community fish such as tetras, platys, danios, guppies, and a few different invertebrates.

I hope to document the long journey I have ahead of me with this hobby and even provide some insight into what it takes to keep aquarium fish and help new people gain confidence and knowledge in this fantastic and highly rewarding hobby.



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