Potential platy pregnancy!

IMG_0869A couple days ago I noticed some heavy breeding behavior going on between the three male platys and a certain red and black female! On the first day I saw the three males chasing all of the females around but giving her the most attention, the next day they just wouldn’t leave her alone.

She got so stressed out, she was hiding under and then inside the floating log, she was clamping her fins down trying to be as small as she possibly could to avoid attention from these horny beasts. I finally saw the orange alpha male rush at her and knock her sideways a few times and decided to move her into the 10g shrimp tank.

I’m unsure at this point whether she’s pregnant or not, but she’ll be staying in the 10g for at least a week. As this is my first time dealing with livebearers, I’ll fumble around trying to tell if she’s pregnant. If she is I plan on keeping her in the 10g for the duration of her pregnancy, I might move another fish or two over so she doesn’t get lonely.

IMG_0868She and her babies will have plenty of food and places to hide if needed because the 10g is now housing three beautiful amazon sword plants! This tank is also prepared for babies as it has a piece of sponge on the filter intake to protect the baby shrimp already in the tank.

I’m super thankful she hasn’t felt the need to go after them so far. I think they are just small enough for her to gobble them up, but they’ll grow out of that soon.


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