PJ’s pet store and the 10 gallon tank

The pictures aren’t great because the particles from the stratum hasn’t settled yet. Sorry!

Today Aidan and I went to PJ’s pet store in Peterborough. They had a sale going on for 3 amazon sword plants for $6 and 2 bunch plants for $10. We went thinking that we would get 3 amazon swords as well as 3 zebra danios and silver-tip tetras each to bump up our schools. Turns out they didn’t have either fish… But some teeny weeny shrimp caught our eyes! Obviously we had to buy them. We got four shrimp labeled “orange cherry shrimp” and two more red cherry shrimp. Along with the shrimp we bought the plants, and some fluval stratum for substrate.

Now for the shit show that was the 10 gallon tank.

Until yesterday the 10g housed four guppies. Two of them we’re older, two of them purchased a week or two ago. The older two were originally in the 55g with all the other fish and seemed to not do so well. Their tails were looking a little worse for wear and they just seemed generally stressed out, so I moved them into the 10g. They were picking up, still somewhat lethargic, not doing a whole lot of moving around. I figured they needed some friends.

In comes the two new guppies. They looked great, the older pair looked great, everyone was happy and swimming and schooling. Perfect behavior. Then the older pair went back to their old ways. They seemed to have gone off their food. Within the last few days, both original cobra guppies lost a ton of weight. They looked emaciated and they were mainly sitting on the bottom of the tank. I was devastated to see this. These two fish were beautiful when first purchased.

The red and black cobra guppy died Thursday morning. The green and yellow cobra guppy looks like he’s ready to die as well. I did a lot of research about what could have caused this. I found a lot of information about weird guppy diseases where some guppies could be carriers and be immune, while others could be dead in days. The second pair of guppies came from a different source, most likely a different supplier, even a different region probably. I imagine this is what’s happening to my poor little guppies.

The new pair has been moved to the 55g tank, and they are doing even better than they were in the small tank. They have lots of room to swim around and lots of friends to play with. Their current bff is the bright orange alpha platy.

Back to the 10g. When I came home with my baby shrimp, I realized that they would get eaten in two seconds if I released them into the 55g. I had a couple fish bowls laying around from when I first started keeping fish 11 years ago. I thought, gosh this is perfect I can put them in a fish bowl, set them up with some substrate, give ’em a sword plant and a filter! Obviously the rectangular filter will fit on this very round bowl! Nope. Oh hey Sarah! You’ve got another fish bowl kicking around with flat sides, it’ll totally work on that one! Nope. The intake pipe fit in of course, but the out flow of filtered water would’ve landed all over the table. Clearly not what I wanted. So then I think, what on earth am I going to do!

Clearer pictures will be posted in the gallery tomorrow! Just wanted to show how small they really are!

After getting two fish bowls half way set up, I finally decided to just put the green cobra in a holding cup and basically redid everything in the 10g. I removed the heater, the filter and the gravel. I removed 75% of the water. I rinsed the fluval stratum and dumped that in. I bought a new heater and got that set up. I had a new Tetra PF10 sitting around, I cut a big piece of filter foam to cover the intake so the baby shrimp wouldn’t get caught and hurt by the current, and thankfully the PF10 filter cartridges are the same as the cartridges for the Whisper10 I was using, so I was able to have a fully loaded filter. I added the 3 sword plants, and a rocky ornament to give them a different surface, and then filled the missing 75% of water with water from from 55g. I also added some cycle and stress coat as a precaution.

Also as a little side note, There is now a red and black female platy in the 10g. I’ll explain why in another post. It’s somewhat exciting news!

While I was acclimatizing the red and orange cherry shrimp, I remembered that I didn’t get 2/3rds of what I had gone to PJ’s for! So I took a little trip up the street to Paulmac’s and bought the danios and tetras I wanted. They’re currently flitting about the 55g wondering where all the monster sized fish came from. You can see them soon in the upcoming population update or in the July 2015 gallery.

That’s all for now folks!

And remember! Happy fish, happy keepers!


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