Cherry Shrimp and a moss ball

IMG_0669So here’s some pictures of the new (and I really mean new, they’re barely adolescents) Red Cherry Shrimp!

I introduced six red cherry shrimp into the 55g community tank last night just before feeding time.

I had planned on introducing six ghost shrimp at the same time, but sadly they didn’t arrive with the cherry shrimp like they were supposed to.

These are some pictures of them right after their introduction, IMG_0673they wandered around for a bit looking for the best hiding places.

They weathered through their first feeding and got to say hello to the platys, who I must say were very friendly and curious of their new little friends.

The silver tips and danios were a little more calm about the addition as they’ve been through the process many times compared to the platys. I like to think they were being sympathetic to the shrimp and understanding of the stress they IMG_0674were going through. 🙂

There’s loads of places for the shrimp to hide and I was a little worried this morning when I couldn’t find any of them for an hour or so. I decided to just let them be for a bit and went to Pet Valu in Port Hope to check out their stock and ended up buying a moss ball! Figured something natural might make the new shrimp a little more comfortable in their new home.IMG_0681

Although the cherry shrimp are still in hiding, my one ghost shrimp, perhaps I’ll call her lonestar, was super happy with the new moss ball and already claimed it as her favourite hangout spot before it even settled on the ground!

As I was doing a final sweep of the tank, not really thinking that’d I’d find anyone, I happened to take a closer look at some grass in the right front corner of the tank and lo and behold! At least four cherry shrimp were hiding between blades of fake grass! They had found their perfect hiding spot sometime during the night. The shrimp are so small that they were able to crawl right into the base of the grass without IMG_0679stretching them out so the platys couldn’t harass them overnight. However that didn’t stop the platys from sneaking in for some glamour shots while I was trying to capture the shrimp!

I’ve done a lot of reading in forums about cherry shrimp and the general consensus seems to be they may take up to two weeks to feel completely comfortable in their new home. At that point they are known to swim around, up and down, the whole tank like they own it. ‘Like a boss’ comes to mind. 😉

Anyway, once these tiny cherries become more active I’ll post something about IMG_0677how they’re fitting in with the rest of the community. Hopefully I can get them breeding quickly and really liven up the bottom of the tank. Maybe one day I’ll even have enough to sell some to other local fishkeepers!

Always remember: Happy fish, happy keepers!


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