The relative beginning…

ghost_shrimp_110417a4_w0640I’ve had the 55g tank up and running for about four months now, and the 10g had been set up as a quarantine tank for about two months before being repurposed just about a month ago for my little school of four guppies. So it’s not the beginning beginning, but it’s a beginning for this project!

And to start this off with a bang, I’m supposed to pick up 12 dwarf shrimp from Paulmac’s in Cobourg tonight!

Neocaridina-heteropoda-var.-red-or-red-cherry-shrimp-Neo-dward-shrimp-red-cherry-shrimpIf all goes well I’ll be acclimatizing six ghost shrimp(glass shrimp) and six cherry shrimp into the 55g tank.

Update on the shrimp: Only the Cherry Shrimp arrived at the store today, so I’ll pick some ghosts up from another store tomorrow or next week.

I have big plans for these little guys! I hope to breed them during their first cycle and raise a batch to go into the 10g to liven things up.

I’ll get a few pictures of the new shrimp tomorrow!


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