How to: Acclimatization

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So as I was adding my new cherry shrimp to the 55, I started thinking about all the information you can find about preparing your new friends for your own tank parameters!

Every time I go looking for any info on any fish, I always come across a thread or two about the best way to acclimatize fish for your tank.

Seeing as I just did this for my shrimp, I figured I’d add to the acclimatization party and tell you about my preferred method. After doing my own research over the past few months, I’ve come to find I like doing this slow and steady.

Let me break it down for you:

1. Untie the bag of fish gently, don’t wanna have your fish thrashing about!

2. Set the whole bag in your tank and curl the opened end around the corner of the tank to keep it from floating away.

3. Turn off the lights! Your new fish are probably a little stressed out and hoping to hide some place nice and safe. Clearly they can’t do this in a bag, so help them out by providing them with the cover of darkness.

4. Set a timer for 20-30 minutes to remind you that your fish need your attention!

At this point the water in the bag should be the same temperature as your tank water, you’re half way to having perfectly acclimatized fish!

5. Add approximately half a cup to a cup of tank water to the bag. This will start to mix the water parameters(pH, hardness, etc.).

6. Repeat step 5 every 5 minutes until the water in the bag is about 2 parts tank water to 1 part store water.

7. Get your handy dandy fish net and scoop your fish out of the bag and release them into your tank.

Never ever ever ever ever pour the water from the bag into your tank. Check out how many evers I wrote. That means it’s super important to not do this. Adding store water to your tank can wreak havoc on your own water parameters or even introduce diseases to your tank. This is easily avoided by using a net so there is minimal amounts of contamination. Seriously, I know from experience 😦

Just remember that happy fish means happy keepers!


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